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From past few years, I have been hearing a lot about the Skyscanner app. So many people have recommended it to me that I wanted to try it myself. Not anymore new to the Indian market, more and more people are using Skayscanner’s useful hacks to save money and time.


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50 million people trust Skyscanner every month for searching cheap flights, hotels and even cabs. It is a travel search engine with global appeal. The best part for me is that it connects the travelers directly to the service provider. As a traveler, I always dreamed of a convenient and easy to use app to book my flights. My search stopped at Skyscanner app. It is free and unbiased, making the transactions transparent.

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The travelers connect directly to the service provider, thanks to the intelligent, self built technology of the Skyscanner app. An absence of third party results in lower prices for the end users. Some of its best features are:

  • Travel sites are ranked based upon the best prices and reliability. This makes Skyscanner an unbiased search engine.
  • Thanks to the flight hacking tools of Skyscanner, you can put a price alert for a destination you want to travel to. Using the Month View/Cheapest month tool, you can find the cheapest day to fly. What’s more? The ‘map’ tool and ‘everywhere’ feature helps you in choosing the destinations that suits your pocket. Doesn’t all this make planning easy for that exotic destination you have been eyeing for years?
  • Skyscanner hosts approximately 1200 airlines and travel agents. This means that you don’t have to waste your time visiting many websites. You can compare prices and services under one roof.
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Skyscanner is an award winning portal for a reason. It helps you plan a hassle free holiday from the comfort of your couch. Just few clicks and you get going. It’s time to chuck the couch and turn your travel dream into reality. Here is how few clicks can make your life easy:

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As a budget traveler, I always choose a time when the prices of hotels, airlines, tourist services are low. Not only does it let me save a lot of money but also helps me avoid the crowded touristy season. The Skyscanner app helps you identify the cheapest month to travel to your chosen destination. The Cheapest Month feature is a useful tool to find the best flight rates throughout the year.

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 How Far Can Your Money Take You?

Have a budget in mind? But don’t know which country will fit that budget? Worry not! Skyscanner app will find a destination that is within your reach. Just one click and the app will take you to a list of destinations you can travel to.

Price Alert!

One of my favorite feature, I use price alert so that I am notified about any changes in the price of the flight to a particular destination. It keeps tabs on a destination (You can choose more than one) and alerts you via mail and on the app about any rise or fall in the price. Isn’t it a great idea? I wish I had used the app much earlier. I would have saved lots of money. In past, I have ended up paying extra price because by the time I learnt about the rise in the price, it was too late. I don’t face that problem anymore, thanks to the smart technology which Skyscanner employs.

Some moments from my travels, made possible with efficient planning!

The best part about Skyscanner app is that all its services are free. I look back at my hassled travel planning from the past and wish this app existed earlier. Never mind, it’s always better to be late than never. Travel planning has never been smarter!

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  1. This app sounds really good. What impressed me the most is that it hosts 1200 airlines and agents. That is amazing. Moreover the budget filter was one more great addition which makes the app stand apart. Thanks for sharing the interesting find.

  2. I love Skyscanner app , not because of the cool features it has , but it gives you the best possible results of your query. The Price Alert feature helps you immensely for your planned vacation . This is one of the best features of Skyscanner.

  3. I love skyscanner, I think it is one of the most efficient apps for ticket booking and it indeed offers the best of discounts. Agree to everything you have said about it.

  4. I do love skyscanner! Such a smart concept. I especially like their ‘go anywhere’ function where you can just look for cheap flights from a set destination and get inspired to literally go anywhere.

  5. I love using Skyscanner, as well as cleverlayover and skiplagged. A fellow jetsetter recommended that website and app. Thanks for bringing that site to a wider audience.

  6. Hey… hadn’t heard about Skyscanner until now. Looks quite an efficient travel booking website. Price alerts is a good feature to have if you want to wait till you find the right price. Above all, if you can book your flights, hotel and a car from the same place, nothing can get more convenient. Very well explained and reviewed.

    P.S. Pics from your travel look really good.

    – Pixellicious

  7. crazytravelista

    Skyscanner is my GO-TO app for booking flights!! 90% of the time I find the cheapest flights here. I also am obsessed with the “Everywhere” tool! I’ve added some places to travel to that I probably would have never even thought about going to before. It’s amazing!!

  8. I personally prefer Momondo, as my own experience shows that Momondo often offers cheaper price. Or maybe that depends on the destinations? But I do love the option on Skyscanner where you can view the cheapest price of the month. I don’t think Momondo has that (yet).

  9. I love tools and websites like this. It makes traveling cheaper and more convenient for the rest of us. We also use it for our travels and it has been amazing!

  10. I often use Skyscanner or Momondo for searching and getting the cheapest flights! I’ve discovered Skyscanner over 8 yrs ago! Jeez, that was quite a long time, no? It just keeps getting better! 🙂

  11. I always use skyscanner when booking flights alongside other website/apps like cleverlayover and skiplagged and compare prices. When I first used these, I was surprised at how affordable the tickets could get as compared to buying it from the more mainstream sites.

  12. This app sounds like a brilliant invention.It really looks like a convenient way to save money on booking flights, hotels and cabs.Really love the price alert feature, it’s great to be notified instantly when the price drops.Your article is so helpful, thanks for sharing! 🙂 You have beautiful pictures by the way.

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